At the football

‘Ofa took Friday afternoon away from the cleaning jobs, to hang out with the boys and they tripped to the local football (rugby union) tournament. The finals between the Tupou College Old Boys team and Marist Bros team. The two teams have been combative and close through out the various tournaments this year and there were no favourites, going into the finals.


Seluini and Sisitoutai were definitely in the spirit with their blue gear, and Sisitoutai went the extra mile (like his Grandma Fe) and had a bright blue hat on top that is noticeable to everyone.


Of course, dressed in blue we were a little one-sided in our support.

Uncle Semisi (‘Ofa’s brother and Seluini’s dad) is coach of the Old Boys and Seluini was the sand boy runner (although these days it’s called a “kicking T”).


Unfortunately, the Marist team weren’t accommodating to our aspirations. They went ahead and stole the show (they won.)


It was a good hang out to be with family and friends, shouting at other family and friends (both in support and fun derision.)

We drowned our sorrows in bitter water.