Happy Australia Day 2012

It’s Australia day in Oz today (well yesterday by now) and what is more iconic for Australia (other than the Opera House) than Vegemite and Weet-Bix.


What a crazy way to start off the festivities than to rush off to the local supermarket (Woolworths) to do some last minute groceries (aka. get the food needed for the day.)


The produce section of the supermarket still had mangoes in season. Wow, we loaded up on the Watermelon yesterday, so we’ll skip the mangoes today until that’s worn down. Carrots never seem to go out of season? but that could possibly be another story altogether.


Sesi and ‘Ofa did some early morning cooking, and we packed our lunch to head off for the Australia Day celebrations.


2012 we celebrate Australia Day at the local (close enough to be local) swimming establishment (Homebush Aquatic Center) which was part of the facilities during the Sydney Olympic Games 2000.


Do you think the kids loved it ? They were crazy dancing in the streets (pool)


It was fighting kicking feet, and slamming hands to get them out of the pool long enough to get something eat. And it was another story getting them out at the end of the day so we could get home.


We all hope you found something fun and interesting for this day.

‘Ofa atu from Sydney, Australia Day 2012