Moist Meals

We had cooked banana, sweet potato with Corn Beef for dinner tonight (the kids had sweet potato chicken breast ‘wedges’)

I’m happily enjoying my dinner (as opposed to …?) when ‘Ofa stops. Picks up one of the bananas in her fingers and puts it in front of my face.

“See that?”

Uhhhh, yes dear (thinking that something weird’s happening with bananas this seasons that I don’t know about?”

“That’s why it’s moist”

Help me out here, I’m not getting any of this.

“Niu (coconut oil), that’s why the haka tastes moist and tender”

Help me, I’m still missing something here.

“But, we’ve always wanted our haka with coconut oil, lolo’i”

Unfortunately, due to matters concerning your health this message will self-destruct in 5 minutes and we will deny having ever heard or said any of the above. Your mission is, to use coconut oil in your haka. Generations of Pacific Islanders attest to the healing properties of …

I look forward to Sunday’s lunch., Mmmmm