How good is your tongue

We have contrasting reading styles with our kids, and there was some concern about the progress of one of the younger ones, but there some odd issues.

Sesilia doesn’t seem to be reaching the same reading levels as her siblings. It’s a fight to get her to read, and when we read she wanders through her page slowly. She’s comfortable with her phonics and we’ve been drilling phonics for years in this household.

Oddly, she also spends a lot of time looking at each page as she’s reading, which is the same behaviour her two brothers showed. The boys reading levels, comprehension are very high. What’s going on in that head?

Phonics has it’s place in education, but it’s always good to remember that it’s just another tool. When the student fails to progress, maybe it’s time to review the appropriateness of the tool for the student, instead of “judging” the student. Remember that the student/child is the important thing, not the system or methodology.

Study finds potential flaw in reading instruction to Spanish-speaking students in US

What works for teaching students to read in English may be unnecessary for beginning readers in Spanish, Stanford professor says.

… by the end of second grade, a striking shift had occurred. Although the Mexican students continued to score lower than U.S. students — again, even those instructed in English — on phonemic awareness, the Mexican students had caught up to or surpassed the U.S. students in what truly mattered: reading achievement.

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Language and culture continue to be an important discussion point for expatriots, FOBs etc.

This is another interesting data-point for raising culture and language with our kids.