chuwi iuee android 7” tablets

Going through some minor burn in tests to see how well these little wonders hold out. So far, mostly positive.image

Quad Core Android 7” tablets for approximately AUD$80 each (delivered) and they’re quite good. Last night was spent just updating the apps on it, and configuring English settings etc.

A few games seemed to be ‘freezing,’ ‘crashing’ (Angry Birds, Dragons World) so there wasn’t much else to do but try running some of the Performance Analysis tools AnTuTu Benchmark, StabilityTest v2.7 and they seemed to report some good findings.

Continue running the update, update, to make sure we’ve got all the latest software installed.

‘Ofa recently got a Kindle Fire HD and I really enjoy the form factor and what a cheap ‘companion’ device this thing can be. Of course, ‘Ofa ain’t relinguishing her Kindle (she didn’t have much use for her original Kindle, so go figure that one out) so the rest of us have to do with trawling through to see what Yahoo et. al. can provide for us from mainland China.

We’ve got here the CHUWI V17HD 1280×600 Android 4.4.

AnTuTu say’s we’re doing good, at a much lower price point. We have some magical number #16876


The Aliexpress sale page shows playing movies, and I can attest that watching a movie on this thing looks really slick.

The BenchTest pushes the Four Cores without any heating issues with the unit and that little guy/sprite hangs around while we whirl around him/her to show that the graphics capabilities aren’t so bad.


And the main reason that I was stopped on the page (other than the sale at the time?)


Android 4.4.2 Woohooo. I just love the AOSP mail client for this thing. And now it’s connected to Gmail and ActiveSync back to the Office MS Exchange Server.

Tonight was the first hands on test with the kids grabbing one each (1 had to make do with a Samsung GS4.) The kids were ‘in the cone of silence’ for 30 minutes. If you asked them to do something, their hands and feet would move but their heads were magically locked to the little screens.

It’s doing good for me for what it’s intended, a tote device for doing some ‘stuff’ with occassional/relaxed connections to the Internet, reading mail, watching a video. On that premise, this device is looking real good.