NSA has nothing on the Australian Government

With all the brooo haha about Edwin Snowden’s revelations about the secret war by the NSA against American Citizens, the rest of the world and whether this is ethical, legal, in good taste and un American, one would think that the secret spying on your own citizens is something only Americans and the harsh regimes could think of doing.

My local council spies on me for my own good, and the Australian Government gladly legislates for all sorts of information to be used by the good operations of government so that my tax payer dollars are well spent.

Big Brothers Watching

It’s official, our local government say’s that they do get the meta data from my phone records. Who I call, how long I’m on the phone and all that stuff that can be used against me, or to protect me.

Scan_20141016 (2)Scan_20141016 (3)

If you want to enable mass surveillance on your citizens, don’t do it like the yanks. Just do as the Australian Government. Tell everyone you’re doing it, and have been doing it, and if they don’t like it, go … fish.