Who’s pointing?

In a world looking earnestly, and not, for guidance, we fail as Christians when we need guidance from non-Christians on how to follow Christ.

When the secular media are taking you to task for not acting Christian enough, it’s got to be bad.

All this sounds so familiar. Back in 1988, I covered the fall of Jimmy Swaggart and flew to his World Faith Center in Baton Rouge to listen to his tear-filled speech. He was going to take time off, he said, and work within his denomination’s rules that an erring pastor must take two years off. No exceptions. But three months later, he was back in the pulpit. And things for him went from bad to worse.

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Can it be that the confusion we force on this world leads the world to find substitutes?


But can it be church without religion? Seattle Atheists member Brandon Hendrickson thinks so.

Maybe church is too much about religion (the trappings of the instutitions) instead of the relationship between God and you?