May each moment

Well here’s a strange thing. Met up with Heleni with her daughter at the local shops (she’s doing that FOB thing of checking out all the FOBs while trying not to be noticed as a FOB?)

She asked for the lyrics of one of those songs we did back in the day, and here we are. She wanted it SMSd on the phone, which is all nice and dandy but I ain’t gonna re-type the thing if it’s already typed up.

And, I ain’t reformatting it on the phone to get the Guitar chords lined up (it’s hard enough getting it done on the web. Anyhoo, she never got back with an email or other online presence, so if anyone sees a strange Tongan lady tell her the words are here.

Andrae Crouche (?)

May each moment, of each hour
of each day of your life,
     F                          C
be a picture of love to all the world

And in Jesus, may grow, May you trust him,
May you know of his Love,
And his love may know you.


And when soon he shall come
may we all join as one
       C           Am
In the joy that we share
       G                 C
In his glory this is our prayer.

May your father, become real
In your life may you feel
The beauty of love to all the world
And where ever you may go
Tell the people, let them know
that his coming, is so very near.

For many years I thought the song was written by Andrae Crouche, but now with the Internet the only reference I can find for it is through the Heritage Singers. 

Our youth first came across the song as a translation by one of the mum’s of another youth group (kainga and all that.)

‘Ofa ke Hoko

(w) Ngangatu Fifita

‘Ofa ke hoko, ‘a e taimi
Kotoa ‘e tau mo’ui,
     F                     C
Ko e ‘ata, ‘oe ‘ofa ki mamani.

Ke ‘ia Sisu, Falala ki ai
‘I he tui kia teia
Tene toe foki mai.

‘Oka ne ka fotu mai
Ke tau fakataha ai
      C        Am
‘I he fiefia ‘anga
     G                      C
Hono naunau, ko ‘emau lotu ia.

Humm 1st verse, while one voice reads
Sione 3:16

Her kids had a band where this became one of the favoured items they would play and pass along to the youth that followed them.

There’s a few other songs that we caught the Tongan version of before we knew there was a palangi version.

Follow the ‘sound’ on Youtube and see if you can capture the Tongan version along the way.