Gnome 2.2 Workstation

Table of Contents

[Ref: OpenBSD 5.0 i386, Installing Gnome in OpenBSD 4.8]

Core GUI Services

The Gnome Desktop is launched using gnome-session. Installing the gnome-session tool, necessarily installs core tools/applications and components for gnome.

# pkg_add gnome-session

Windowing Manager

On top of Gnome Desktop is the Window Manager, metacity between Gnome 2.2 and 3.0 which provides base functionality for the User Interface.

# pkg_add metacity gnome-panel nautilus

Graphical Startup

Read the documentation from the package /var/db/pkg/gnome-session/+DISPLAY

# echo 'exec gnome-session' > ~/.xinitrc
# chmod +x ~/.xinitrc
# exit
$ echo 'exec gnome-session' > ~/.xinitrc
$ chmod +x ~/.xinitrc

User Interface Tools

Two basic User Tools required for effectively using the GUI are:

# pkg_add gnome-panel nautilus


New to gnome ? Beautify/Personalise your Windowing environment by looking at themeing options and published themes for metacity (your Windowing Manager)