Move along now …

All wonderful things come to an end, like that sad dream that running a machine 24/7 under your desk (at home) is cost effective.

Have you had those moments of Denial of Service because your 4 year-old was under the desk looking for his marble? saw some nice lighted diodes (i.e. machine is on) and decided to fiddle with switches seeing the lights go off and on, together with the straining fans as they go on and off?

And your first thought isn’t even about the machine, but that this darn kid could get stuck in that rubble, tangle of chords, let alone electrocuted.

The “Server @Home” dream has a lot of benefits, you can set up your own Proxy to manage internet use (especially for the kids) you can set up your own mail server (definitely believe this is a rite of any wanna-be system administrator) dns proxy etc. etc. etc.

Finally bit the bullet and revisit the virtual hosting, hopefully things work out better for everyone.

Reality bites, deep, push it into the cloud and get some sleep. You have enough to do at work than to replicate it adnauseum at home.