Pimp the Learning

Sometimes things are just waay to interesting to way-it

More importantly, maybe I don’t actually know what it is I’m talking about, and some one out there can either learn more from my errors, or learn because of my errors.

This whole publishing process, of the OpenBSD notes is still not where it’s supposed to be, but the workflow is cleaning up nicely and in the meanwhile am learning quite a few things.

One missing item in my menagere, is that I’m supposed to use rsync to copy these text files onto my site, but since the site is generated using countershape, the generated files are always timestamp’d later than what is on the actual web server.

The solution, was to have a git repository of the work on the server, when I’ve finished updating the work on my workstation, I push the updates to the repository on the server, and an automated script (together with countershape) would regenerate the site onto the ’live’ server.

Unfortunately, the site is so old that too many old versions of things are on it, and I can’t use this mechanism (yet.)

sshd and passwords

Updated the notes on sshd, for some reason I’ve stated to only allow publickey authentication, but then the example I had didn’t explicitly show ‘disabling password authenticaiton’

PasswordAuthentication no

Now I have to check the servers I had my offsider build to verify that disabling has been set up.

Bam bam.


Fortunately, my offsider/sidekick is smarter than I. He doesn’t cut-n-paste, so figured that the monologue meant that he was to look for it (PasswordAuthentication) and lock it down himself.

Smart dude.

More fortunately, only one of the hosts had PasswordAuthentication at yes (but that host was behind a firewall that did not pass through ssh.) The only means of accessing that machine was through the single service it supported, or by first logging onto the firewall (PasswordAuthentication no as well as having a whitelist in pf of source hosts allowed to access ssh) then jump from there.