Le Tala o Le Taua o Le Uso

Le Tala o Le Taua o Le Uso (The Story of the War of the Brothers)

There were once four brothers who lived in Upolu. There names were Saga, Ana, Tua and Tolufale. They were the sons of Pili, who had come down from the sky.

These brothers had started their families in Upolu. One day one brother said that they should put their stuff together so that they could distribute it among themselves. So they brought the fuefue (fan), the tokotoko (the orator’s staff), the club, the spear and the digging stick. The fuefue and the tokotoko were given to Saga. The club and the spear were given to Ana. The digging stick was given to Tua. Tolufale was given nothing. (The descendants of Tolufale say that it was because Tolufale did not have to work because his brothers served him).

I have been told that the fuefue and the tokotoko are items used by chiefs and symbolize their power. The club and the spear are used by warriors to fight for the chiefs. The digging stick is used to grow food for the chiefs.

After these items were distributed these brothers went their different ways. Tua went to the east and founded Atua. Ana went west and founded A’ana. Tolufale went to Savaii and Saga stayed in Upolu and founded Tuamasaga.

One day Saga and Ana got into an argument. Saga hit Ana. Ana went to Tua and blood was running down Ana’s face because he had been hit. Tua said to Ana, “Talofa Ana! Who hit you?” Ana told Tua, “That man, Saga. He hit me!” Then Tua told Ana to come and stay with him. When Saga heard that Ana had gone with Tua he went to Tolufale and Saga and Tolufale two stayed together. This was the start of the war of the brothers.


(This story is from the English translation of: “The Samoa Islands” by Dr. Augustin Kramer.)

Revised: March 1, 1996

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