Tongan Lore - In Print

Although titles are used to differentiate stories in these collections, readers should be aware that no formal title is attributed by the story tellers or their audience to these stories when recounted.

Books with further stories of possible interest to readers include:

  • Gifford, Tongan Myths and Tales, 1924
  • Collocott, Tales & Poems of Tonga, 1928
  • Fanua, Fananga, 1975
  • Fanua, Po Tatala, 1982
  • Moyle, Fananga, 1995

Staff at the Friendly Islands Bookshop indicate another volume is being published by Richard Moyle which should be out later in 1997.

Readers of English (translated) text will often miss important ques in the story due to a lack of appreciation of some of the finer cultural significance of items, behaviours described in the tale. In this regard, Moyle’s Fananga is a most helpful account with an introduction describing his findings about the history and background to the story-telling as well as footnotes throughout the story’s to familiarise readers with significance of many matters.