Koloa Island

The Nickname of Koloa Island

Koloa belonged to the Tuitonga (The ‘Tonga King’ Chiefs). There was this one Tuitonga named Fuanuinuiava who had a daughter. This Tuitonga would visit Koloa. One day his daughter was bathing and when she came out of the water her hair clung to her body and a fisherman saw the beauty of her hair and he exclaimed, “Haafuluhau!

(Descended from the perfect hair!) From that name is derived a nickname of Koloa.

these stories were taught to me by Toamotu Wolfgramm in January 1995. (Toamotu Wolfgram is the Matapule for Koloa). Revised: February 22, 1996 Copyright © 1996 Daniel (Taniera) Longstaff