Moving, moving, moved

It’s not obvious (duh), but we’ve been moved again.

So whilst we junk what shouldn’t be brought back, please watch your head and we hope you find value in some of the work that is slowly transitioning to the new ‘facilities’

An aside from today’s construction work.

  • Child #1 - Hey dad, X isn’t working again
  • Dad - have you tried X from your siblings?
  • Child #1 - wanders off asking, but no one wants to give up their X (even if they aren’t using it.)
  • Child #2 - Hey dad, Y isn’t working
  • Dad - have you tried Y from your siblings?
  • Child #2 - Hey dad, it doesn’t work there either.
  • Dad - ….

after a pause.

  • Child #2 - Hey dad, it’s working again. #4 kicked out the power.

  • Child #1 - Oh yeah, mine is working too.

There’s a lesson in there for dad and children.