Campus Crusade

Tonga Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ has an office and active program in the Kingdom of Tonga. It’s main office is at the Maseia Building in the middle of town. It has three full-time staff.

Our Mission and Vision


* To glorify God by helping to fulfill the Great Commission
    in this generation.


* We live to see Tonga as a sending nation of missionaries
    to neighboring countries, and to the ‘un reached
    nations’ of the world and to see Tonga CCC actively
    act as instruments and ‘catalysts’ in
    God’s hand to bring spiritual revival to Christian
    churches and to the nation. And we seek to achieve these
    by closely walking with God, winning and discipling the
    maximum number of influencers in every segment of society
    to live a spirit filled life and actively help out
    reaching Tonga and the world for Christ though spiritual
    multiplication and through mobilizing, training and
    sending out of missionaries.

Our Distinctives

* Total commitment to the fulfillment of the Great
* Dependence on the ministry of the Holy Spirit to guide us
    in all aspects of ministry and in our personal lives.
* Realization of the Lordship of Christ – that Jesus
    is pre-eminent in our lives and ministries and has our
    full allegiance.
* Emphasis on training with the use of transferable methods
    and materials through which the learner becomes the
    teacher and spiritual multiplication is on-going.
* Flexible in seeking for the most effective ways to reach
    the different segments of society.
* Commitment and teamwork with the worldwide body of Christ
    in reaching the world with the gospel of Christ. We are
    not alone in being responsible for the fulfillment of the
    Great Commission.
* Availability in resourcing and equipping the Christian
    community with tools, strategy, theological training,
    leadership and management training.

Target Audience

Since we want to work strategically and to maximize our resources for the maximum impact and influence for the Kingdom of God, we decided to target those segment of society so that they can make a positive impact in our nation.

* Senior High School Students
* Tonga Teachers College
* USP Students and National Form 7
* Professionals & Influencers

Other Activities:

* Evangelistic Meeting (Megafaith week) 
* Ministry Partners (supporters) appreciation fellowship 


* Computer
* Photocopier
* 3 more staff for next year

For more information on what services Campus Crusade have to offer, contact Senituli at or call (676) 22 594 or write to PO Box 679, Nuku’alofa, TONGA.