Form 6 Diary Entries

by Students

Hanieli - 3.3. 96

Came early to school. Our period has been shortened down to 35 mins, so that we have enough time for singing practise, "hakas", and also for the sports people.

When the last bell rang we were all dismissed to our homes, changed, ate then came back. I came late. "Ako faiva" had already finished, went straight to Taufa’ahau for the "ako laka". I felt sick because the sun burned down hot on my face.

After that, I hurried to change, slept, woke up, bathed, ate and waited for the family prayer. I watched videos for an hour, then did some studying.

Last day for school becoz of the Easter Break. At school everything was fine. When school activities were completed, I and Kainga cleaned up our water tank (sima vai). I hurried home afterwards and slept. My mother woke me up to help her do the cooking. I "vau", the coconut, then came to Lea’aetohi for exercises.

Tupou 6.3.96

My feelings about our school on Friday. I felt very happy because we played in our English class, but I thought the teacher tried to give the winning points to ‘Iengi’s team. I talked with my group to play around to make ‘Iengi’s group angry. In the end of the game, they won and they were happy!

Popua - 7.3.96

Yesterday was not a good day for me because it was raining and the road was very muddy. At school I was very busy trying to finish off my Essay for our first Internal Assessment. Not only that, but homework for Maths and Economics. After school, I went home. I hurried to the kitchen and hunted for something to eat. I checked the pot, there was only breadfruit there. I was so sad. I closed it and left the kitchen. I called Mum and Dad, but there was no answer, so I hurried to my room and changed, waited for a long time before I heard my mother calling.


This day was a lovely day for me because I had a breakfast in the morning before I went to school. At school I understood every lesson that the teacher gave me. After school I went to town with my friends. One of my best friends took me to one of the restaurants and we had a great lunch there. After that we talked for a while before I went back home. When I got home, my Dad told me that my mother was away because her uncle was in the hospital. I was so sorry for him.

Sela Finau (8.3.96)

Today was wonderful and great. The wind was blowing softly from the south. The cool air freshened our minds for a good start in the morning. Everyone seemed happy and know what she/he was doing. There were no noises (like yesterday). It was also not cloudy. We had a competition in the English class and our group won it. The winner will be given their prizes on Monday. Our group were excited that we didn’t recognize that the bell had gone. Anyway we won it, and we’re ready for the prize.


Man, Wow! I’ll never forget this day and our Bio trip to the edge of Koulo. There had been a very funny thing happening during our trip. It went like this. One of the boys had some cans of lemonades in his bag. He left it on the beach and went to the edge of the water to count the organisms. While he was away, five of our girls camd and took one each and then went away. When this boy returned wit his fried, there were no mor lemonade left. They were furious. They shouted at me and my partner, accusing us of drinking their lemonades, ‘cos we were the ones closest to the bag. When we returned, they never said a word to us. But who cares?

‘Ofeina - 19.3.96

I didn’t feel good today. We had marching practise bu the students were behaving stupidly. We had a bad Maths class because I did not understand anything. Followed by English. I had my short story but I hate it. We had Biology and we copied many notes. We had singing practise during the interval. We did not have our Chemistry. We had our English class as the last period, at Pilolevu, under the Kasia tree, beside the girls dormitory. We discussed our short story and we had a good class.


I felt happy today, instead of being bad tempered like yesterday. I had my Physics practical and it was an easy one. We discussed our short story and it was clear to me. My Biology was not so good because we copied more notes but happily my Chemistry problems were solved. We had Mathematics, and it was as good as ice-cream because we understood the equation problems. And we had our last English period and it felt good to speak English.

Lute Koloi - 27.3.96

I was very surprised when I woke up that it was half past eight. I ran to the bathroom and had a shower and then came back and wore my uniform. At school, after assembly, we all ran to our classroom with joyful hearts because our head tutor told us that our periods will be like our Tuesday programme. Our first period was Maths, and what a happy time for me when our Maths teacher told us about our Maths test, that it will be postponed to the following week. But I didn’t feel good at atll, because I still remembered that our Physics test will be held at Period 4. So went to the next classroom, tried to memorize something inside my mind. But it was so hard and I don’t know why it was so hard just this tiny bit. I tried to solve my prblems when the second bell rang for the next period. I went to the library. At the library, some of my class talked with me. We laughed until the next period. I was very sad to face my Physics test. I tried my best but I forgot everything!

Mele Taufa 28.3.

Yesterday and today, I was in a bad mood. I woke up late and was almost late to school I didn’t talk to my friends. I just did my own work.


Today we had lots of exams to go through. Some were easy and some were hard. Also we still have a lof of things to do for our Reserach Project, due this month. On Saturday and Sunday I went to he hospital and stayed there with our grandma. I didn’t go to church on Sunday because I had to take care of her.

Salote - 1.4.

Today is a beginning of a new month. Oh, Diary, Happy Birthday! I came earyly to school. I met Hanieli and said good morning and Happy Brithday to him. The principal led us in our morning devotion. First class was Maths. We didn’t have recess. After school we went and changed, then came back for "faiva" practise. I went back home about 5:15pm.

Funaki Koloi - 1.4

Today I felt sick. We went to school at about 9am. We arrived late to school. Last period, Tevita Palefau told us to search for any plants or animals that can affect people’s lives. After school, we had a singing practise with ‘Aho and Viliami for about an hour. After that, we went to Taufa’ahau and had a marching practise with the soldiers.


Woke up and went to school. Marching practise with ‘Iengi, and with "Kopila" Katoa, who is teaching the band boys. We assembled at the front door of Form 6. It was sunny. After school I went with Telesia to her home and had our lunch there. We returned to the Mango tree and had roll-call for the afternoon work.

Telesia Vi - 11.4

Excuse me but let me tell you the truth diary. I was so fiemohea today ‘coz Ididn’t "fiu he mohe" last night. Except for our English class, because we were given some crossword puzzle and exercise to do which is one of my favourites. Everyone loved this exercise ‘coz it makes everyone think and it really helps a lot with our English vocabulary. We "ako laka" today, which was good, but a bit "fakalangalea" to me ‘coz I kept making the wrong move which I hated myself for having this kinda "sinosino hala". My friends teased me and I didn’t mind ‘coz I wanted them to be happy. At home, I practised outside our home just to find my brother laughing his stomach out! I guess I completely looked like a fool!

Tofa 12.4.96

Today we had our inter-college sports and I had an enjoyable day. This morning I woke up from sleep and took a cool bath ready to join the school’s sports team. After dressing up, we marched from school to Taufa’ahau with the band leading us. The other schools joined us marching around the field to complete the first programme of the day. After marching we had an opening prayer, then we went back to stay. As the sports started I loved watching the students competing in races as well as lin the field events like Shot Put. I joined some of the sports events and did my best. I enjoyed the sports as much as meeting other students (girls!) from other schools. After the sports we gathered again before the dorm. and heard the results being called. We happened to lose many grades but it didn’t matter, as long as I had a happy time. After the sports I became very tired and went very early to sleep.

This diary project by Form 6 students was initiated by their English Teacher, ‘Ungatea Fonua Jnr.

Revised: June 1, 1996