The Subjects we study at school do not prepare us for the future

by Fe’aofaki Lutui (Form 6)

This society we are in, depends on interactions. To keep this mysterious circuit on the move, we should learn subjects that are useful for us, whereever we may be. There are many people starving and suffering in this world. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. The only solution to stop this burning fire of starvation and problems, is to light another fire, and that is with knowledge of how to deal with these problems in our own societies.

The use of our education is to look ahead to get jobs, to earn money to help us with our living. Sadly, most areas and skills that are needed now in Tonga, in the world today, are not taught in our schools. The world is moving into a technical world. We are not studying technical subjects in our schools. For example only a few schools have Technical Drawing classes. This is a field where if we study them, we will be able to draft, design and draw plans for different things. We will also be able to get a lot of money from a job that requires these skills. Those of us that may not pass our exams, may get a living if we know how to draw plans and do other related jobs.

Tonga is an agricultural country, yet only a few schools are doing Agricultural Science and even then, mostly only boys study that. Girls should also study Agricultural Science because it will help them when they leave school and grow their own vegetables and so on. Engineering and Carpentry are also fields that should be studied in our schools. We do not have those subjects in schools yet. But these are the things that when we leave school, that will give us jobs. These are areas where we will find income for our families. Learning about "cosine" in a Maths class is not useful at all if you do you do not find a job to help your families with.

Not everyone can pass the exams, but everyone can get a living if we are given opportunities. We will be able to find more opportunities for work, if we study subjects that are really useful to all of us, once we leave school. The subjects we are studying now are only useful to those that will go to universities. How about the rest of us, who don’t want to go to university, but want to learn other things? I suggest that the Education System look into these neglected areas and give us subjects that are useful!

Revised: June 1, 1996