Boarding School

Like I said, its like youre at home.. In Boarding school there are household warnings and instructions everywhere. Tutors want students to do the right things. When they correct mistakes and misbehaviours, students tend to show signs of anger and disagreement. But as they have the motherly love they never give up. No wonder our parent trust this standard school. Of course, that is what mothers are for, to love and to care. It is also required of boarders to be fully disciplined teenagers. In the end of this year, I am sure that every single Queen Salote College Boarding Student has learnt and known right from wrong, especially those who will be leaving school for another career. Basically, boarding school teaches you in such tasks that you are supposed to be doing at home. To become a good wife, you must know how to cook, tidy up, clean, washetc. There is time to work and to study too. Boarding school deals with our complete life. Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. Students are all given opportunities to learn from both hard and easy life. What is most important in Boarding School is that we make sure that God is included in all things that we do no matter what. Out time together with God is well taken care of by the tutors. We talk to God first thing in every morning and we pray before we eat, study, work and sleep. We surely need Gods help and strength. We are often and regularly given Bible Verses to memorize so as to help us in our everyday pilgrims. In times of troubles, God is right there beside us. Besides asking Gods help we are taught in Boarding School to be always thankful to God for everything. To conclude, I just want to say that we have really come to be able to differentiate right from wrong. We have also learnt to respect our elders and to love the younger ones. The wise man builds his house upon the rock Proverbs 14:1 We should know how important it is to our parents that we lead a very good life. To be taught mentally, physically and spiritually - boarding school teaches all three. Thank-you Milika Feleti (Room 3)
Ametisi Savieti (Room 2) (OLD DORM)
  • Translation of the Head Tutors report for the School Magazine of 1999!


    We are approaching the end of this year, let alone the end of this 20th century. Praise the Mighty God for His never changing rule, guidance and love for us. That is why boarding teachers and students alike survived throughout this whole year. Boarding school for this year started on the evening of Wednesday the 27th of January with 189 students and 11 staff members. We end this year with just 150 students and the same number of staff. It is very obvious that there is a major decline in the students favour of the Boarding School, and the same applies for the staff members. There is belief that this is due to more and better opportunities of transportation system. Everyone in school finds it easier to get to and from school these days. Also, students of today prefer more freedom and comfort, which are two things that do not come easily in QSC Boarding School. The question is: Is there any need for boarders to be in the Boarding School of QSC? And is there any difference between being a boarder and a day-school student? Programs in Boarding School are still progressing well. Such are the students on-duties, religious programs like: prayer meetings and Sunday school. There are also the nightly night preparations and the college works, as well as many other duties that the boarding school is required to carry out. One of these is the hosting of the Churchs Conference. We are forever thankful for the Blessings that are being bestowed on us from the Royal Family as well as the high chiefs of the island kingdom. Such is our heartfelt thank-you to the Churchs President, the Church Ministers, the Stewards and the members of the villages congregations, the schools ex-students and all the friends of Queen Salote College; for all that you offered to help us throughout this whole year. Of course, we will never forget the parents and the guardians who trusted us and helped us in taking care of our children. We seek forgiveness if we have fallen short in terms of the Churchs hope for us, that of the Education Ministrys, the lands and of course the parents. We were at our utmost best. And as the words, If it wasnt for the Lord. We all witness it by the end of this 20th century. I also want to extend a special thank-you to my sister in Gods work, Tutaleva Lolohea for bringing this Head Tutor work this far for the many past years.

    I warmly wish love and luck to all the Boarding students who will finish this year. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and may luck be in everything you will do and everywhere you will go!

    May the Peace and Comfort of the Lord be with you all in this coming Christmas and the new century to come.

    With Love Akanesi Siale (your co-worker in Christ)

    [ref: QSC School Magazine 1999]