Foundation of Queen Salote College

In 1866, King George Tupou I had administered the establishment of the first secondary school, Tupou College.In his mind, as a march of civilization, the King also desired to open another secondary school for girls.' It was to be named after his beloved wife, Queen Salote Lupepau'u. Before opening a special school for girls, both girls and boys were educated together at the old Tupou College area where at present, includes the Church Primary School up to the Queen Salote College area. The first outstanding success in education has been gained by Lesieli Tonga.' Later, a number of girls came into success and have achieved the highest examination of that time known as the Honour Board Examination. In 1923, Tupou College was transferred to Nafualu, the present site of Sia'atoutai Bible College.' This was the first time for each school to study separately.Therefore there were not many girls left to start the school at Nuku'alofa.' Yet, they have contributed upon the foundation of Queen Salote College.The first Principal of Queen Salote College was Miss R. Blamiers and the Tongan female teacher was Fatai-mo-e manu later known as Fatai Pinomi. Education Standard Education has progressed through the years with the Honour Board Examination, continuously held in the upper classes.English was taught together with the vernacular. ' Students were able to sit for the Government Higher examinations such as Public Service examination.The academic results were quite satisfactory, thus enhanced the achievement and abilities of the students. School Uniform The school still adopted the former uniform of white and royal blue.' The only change was noted in the colour of the tie used.' After the death of our beloved Queen Salote Tupou III in 1965, black ties replaced the blue tie as a sign of mourning. School Building The first classes were carried out in the old Printing house of Tupou College which had been moved from the present residential home of the secretary of the conference.' Since it was only 40 feet long, it only supported 5 classes.A further reconstuction was built, over 100 feet long. ' This was used for the school's hall. ' In supporting efforts to increase the number of classrooms, Tongan houses were built. 1952' first establishment of a cement building, the two - storey building with 8 classrooms. 1968' construction of the corner building. 1973' a two storey building (Jubilee Building) was built to mark the Jubilee of the school. After the death of Queen Salote Tupou III, a new building was constructed in her memory.' These rooms have been used by the Home Economics classes because it was her intention for teachers to teach and implement sewing and cooking skills to students. AIMS: It has also been the aims of this school -to enrich both teachers and students with the moral teachings of the Scriptures. ''''''''' -to retain the best customs of showing respect to the Principal, Chaplain and teachers, likewise for the lower classes to respect the upper classes. This will prepare them to maintain these responsibilities to their king, chiefs, leaders and elders in society. ''''''''' -to satisfy their needs with whatever resources available at school. (Translated by the Magazine Committee1994 from Manu Puloka Faupula's original work, written in Tongan) [ref: QSC School Magazine 1999]