Tonga High

Tonga High School

Item Description
Established 1947
Function Secondary School
Location Kolofo’ou, Tongatapu
Contact Address PO Box 53
Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu

Tonga High School was established in 1947 by the Tongan Government. Situated within the national capital Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, the school plays a central role in the nation’s academic pursuits.

The school is situated in town and has an increasing enrollment of day school students from around the island, with many families moving to Tongatapu for the opportuntiy to have children attend the high school.

As the premier Government Secondary School, Tonga High School students are offered an unprecedented opportuntity with the better facilities and teaching staff of all school system in Tonga.

Students are expected and tend to perform much better at Tonga High School, academically. From its prestige, and continued higher performance in National examinations, Tonga High School is able to maintain a student intake of high academic potential. This intake selection process favours the schools examination results although it seems to have heavily influenced the gender imbalance at the school. There is almost a 2-1 ratio of girls-boys at the school, and significantly the school populace is very young compared to other school systems.

The biggest upcoming event for ex-students is the construction of facilities which were mentioned in the school’s 1997’s 50th anniversary. The biggest part of the new facilities planning is the construction of a new hall to include class rooms catering for arts studies, specifically music.