Tupou High School

Mo’ui ‘Aonga

Established 1963
Function Secondary School
Location 4 Campuses (Fasi, Vaololoa, Nukunuku, Tapunisiliva)
Principal Mr. 'Alifaleti 'Atiola
Contact Address Fasi Campus  
Online Presence http://tupouhs.fwc.edu.to

Established in 1963 with fifteen

students as a continuation of the Free Wesleyan Church’s commitment to educating the populace, Tupou High School now serves 1,155 students [1995] on four campuses around the island.

Computer Studies at Tupou High School
1963 Pioneer Year

A Historical Perspective

Although the idea of establishing a church High School was raised in the 1959 Church Conference (Maliu, "Mo’ui ‘Aonga," 10th Anniversary Issue, 1963-1973, p.25) it was not until 1962 that the Church Conference accepted it. Among the main reasons for its establishment were:

  • That the school has to be a means for the long-delayed upgrading of the church’s educational system and programme

  • That the school has to be a step in opening up avenues for further studies abroad for capable Tongan Students.

  • That the school has to be a place for further training and preparation of those willing to serve the church.

The 1963 Church Conference Minutes summed up the School’s general purpose.

"… it would be to establish a basis and foundation for the advancement and upgrading of the generations to come."

While this general aim may reflect an academic bias, the developed school’s programme and activities reflected a concern to pursue the most important educational aim of the FWC and that is to train and develop the "total man."

For the first two and a half years (1963-65) of her existence, the classes were held at the two vestries of the FWC Centenary Church. In about June 1965, the first school building, consisting of three classrooms, one library and an administration section, was built. Added to this were the school’s toilet block and the Principal’s residence.

There were fifteen students in the first (or pioneering) class. Kolianita Manu, Pisila Taufe’ulungaki, Lute Sisifa, and Lavili Finau from QSC. Takai Luatangi from Tonga College, Tevita K. Heimuli and Sione T. Naufahu from St. Andrew’s School, Tevita H. Maliu, Kalapoli Paongo, Tevita Talakai, Pita T. Kupu, Tevita T. Afeaki, Paula Tamo’ua, Mosese ‘Aholelei, and Viliami Ha’unga from Tupou College.

Kalapoli Paongo
Principal 1973-1984
in the "Mo’ui ‘Aonga", 1988.

A student perspective of the main campus (Fasi-moe-Afi)in 1988.

Artist: Sione Ulakai, Source: Mo'ui 'Aonga 1988.