Our Homeland

The Kingdom of Tonga, our homeland, is many things to different people and these pages will try to provide an initiation to thoughts regarding our Island Kingdom. These pages will provide a glimpse at some of the thoughts and composition of people in and from Tonga not seen on tourist brochures.

While we continue to collect material from expatriates, nationals here are a few of the existing web pages.

Our People, Our Treasure, Our Export**

I didn’t have anywhere interesting to put stories and visuals of Tongan nationals abroad, so I’m including it here.

During a vacation period in June, July, August of 1997 I had a chance to visit family and friends in the USA, Hawai’i, Australia and New Zealand from whom I’ve collected stories and pictures that hopefully paints some perspective on what it is to be influenced by Tonga while far away in Western cultures.

These views are tainted by the time I had to spend, and the fact they are friends and relatives. There are many other tales out there of what it is to be Tongan in a foreign land, to adapt, to assimilate, to be different. These pages are just a small part of who we are, who we are becoming.

To balance the need for respectable download speeds, supplying presentable photos for the screen, some of these pages are brief in content, or with low quality or thumbnail photos.