The land and oceans are full of resources for our people.

Fishing is a way of life for many, but we are also the caretakers of this gift.

There is all sorts of fishing in Tonga, from the fish for the family table to fishing for profit, and fishing for fun.

  • Deep Sea
  • We now have amazing videos (reality television) of the struggles of fishermen in their big boats fighting the big bad ocean. In Tonga, Deep Sea fishing just means you fish out in the deep ocean, which could mean your out for a couple of hours from shore on a small boat, some not much bigger than a dingy. You could be a whole day’s out, some go by themselves, others with company.
  • Fangota
  • The land and the sea are God’s blessing to the people. For those without a boat, or without kupenga or other fishing tools, there was always the back breaking work of “Fangota.” It is a practise now attributed to the less well to do (aka poor) but something that all our ancestors did to share in the community solution and to feed families with growing children.
  • Game Fishing
  • Blue Marlin off Vava’u In Tongatapu when you think of Game Fishing, you think of Bill Fish, the local bar, restaurant, night-club where game fishers congregate (or the wannabes want to be seend with real game fishers.) But everyone talks about doing it in Vava’u, and Blue Marlin Magic has been part of the scene for a very long time.

Do a video search for fishing in Tonga to see a long list of fun fishing activities you can be part of, next time you’re in town.