Mapu-mei he-ngalu

Mapu Mei He Ngalu brings to the web Tongan language and cultural interpretations.

It is part of many experiments of Tongan Language speakers of publishing Tonga Language content.

Tonga Language Services provided by this site include a Font Collection supporting the Tonga accented characterset and Keyboard macros to improve word-processing Tongan documents.

Some have begun the task of using video for Language.

The Alphabet.

With the proliferation of publishing tools, and skilled individuals, it becomes more difficult to have gatekeepers of the knowledge and traditions. Much of Tonga’s traditions have been better recorded by the Palangi (as we see in several points on this website) but they can now reach deeper into proseltyzing our language and culture.

My favourite is Andrew Joakim and his love for homey moments, such as when mum calls everyone to dinnner.

Andrew Joakim’s lessons on language is a wonderful adventure that our children could travel with him.

Kulisi Adventures also brings language and cultural adventures.

Angela Afeaki drags her mum along for cultural reinterpretation on Youtube.

Can you use napangapangamalie in a sentence?

  • Mate kuma - mate the rat
  • Mate ku ma - mate my bread

But the language is an integral part of culture

Paula Moimoi Latu started small, but has now become a prolific publisher of Video material on Tongans and their gatherings in Tonga and international. The images bring together different aspects of Tongan Culture.