Installing Tongan Keyboard Macros

The Easy Way

The simplest way to install the Keyboard Macros is to

  • copy the file into Word’s startup directory.

Copying the file can be done through either Windows Explorer, File Manager or at the MS-DOS command line.

To Use The Macro

The Quickest way to start the Macro is to:

  • Start Word for Windows

  • Hit the Ctrl+K key combination

  • Start Word for Windows

  • Select the Tools menu and then the Macro command
    So we can get at the macro

  • Highlight the name of the macro (TonganKeyboard)

  • Click the Run button
    (or you can just double click on the macro’s name)


  • The Word 6.0, Word 95 macro will add "Tongan Keyboard" to the "Tools" menu, so to execute the command again, all you have to do is pick the "Tools", "Tongan Keyboard" menu.
  • You can add the Macro command to the Toolbar to make using it easier.

To turn the Tongan Keyboard settings ON, select the Tongan Keyboard menu.
To turn the Tongan Keyboard settings OFF, select the Tongan Keyboard menu, again.