Installing Tongan Keyboard Macros

A second method

After starting Word for Windows version 6.0 (or 7.0) follow the below instructions to install the Macros for simplifying your keyboard entry of accented characters/letters.

To install the Keyboard Macro:-

  • Open the file in Word
  • Select the Tools menu and then the Macro command

We want to make add the new keyboard macros to your Word program

  • From the Dialog box, select the Organizer button
  • In the "Organizer" Dialog box, you should have two lists
    One list is titled
    The other list should be titled
  • Highlight the TonganKeyboard under the list.
    This tells word, that the next action you will make is related to this name.
  • Select copy>> to copy the macro into your Word for Windows settings.
    You have now copied the macros so you can use it all the time.
  • Select the close button to the bottom of the dialogue box
  • Select File. Save All - this will save the changes you have made
    You have now saved the changes.
  • Select File. Close to close the file before you continue with the next step.

To Use The Macro

The Quickest way to start the Macro is to

  • Close the file
  • Select the Tools menu and then the Macro command
    So we can get at the macro
  • Highlight the name of the macro (TonganKeyboard)
  • Click the Run button
    (or you can just double click on the macro’s name)


  • The macro will add "Tongan Keyboard" to the "Tools" menu, so to execute the command again, all you have to do is pick the "Tools", "Tongan Keyboard" menu.
  • You can add the Macro command to the Toolbar to make using it easier.

To turn the Tongan Keyboard settings ON, select the Tongan Keyboard menu.
To turn the Tongan Keyboard settings OFF, select the Tongan Keyboard menu, again.

Typesetting TIP:

I have observed that It is informally recognised that the correct "fakau’a" for the Tongan language should always be typeset as ‘ or "6 Rabbit ear". To ensure that you always get the correct rabbit ear, make sure you have turned off Word’s Smart Quotes facilities. This can be found in the menu Tools, AutoCorrect, Smart Quotes.