Below are some general issues I have so far discovered, if your problem is not covered in this document, please feel free to e-mail me.

### Problems with downloading the file If your browser tells you that it cannot download the file, please e-mail me and I will check the file service whether it is working properly.
### Netscape Navigator brings the file up on the screen as gibberish,
what do I do now? In this case, the Netscape browser is treating as if it were a normal hypertext document. To force the Netscape browser to download/bring to you the file correctly you may need to configure the browser to treat .dot files as files that need to be saved onto your hard disk.

To configure Netscape Navigator to correctly download, go to the "Options"->"General Preferences"->"Helpers" command. In this dialog box, specify that you want to "create a new type".

For the New Type’s "File Extension" type in: dot
For the type of "Action" select: Save to Disk

Click on the OK button and Netscape Navigator is now ready to download the file onto your hard disk.